Street photography

Street photography is my passion and I regularly give presentations about it. For my exhibitions I designed my own stylish passe partout system.

Street photography is my passion and in recent years I have visited many cities. Sometimes close by like Amsterdam and Berlin, sometimes a bit further away like Bombay, Cairo, Hanoi, Havana, Paramaribo and San Diego. It always fascinates me to see people in their urban environment.

Recently I visited the Liege station, special because of its architecture. The photo series I took there was made with an analogue camera, a classic film!

Occasionally I give a presentation on street photography. Based on my story, and questions from the audience, I take you to all those beautiful people and cities. How do you approach it? What is allowed and what is not allowed? Do you feel safe in the slums of Bombay? What camera with what lenses are handy? What is your vision behind your photographs? In my presentation I will address these and other questions.

In January 2022 I gave a street photography presentation for the board members of the photography clubs affiliated with the Frisian Photo Association. The next presentation street photography I will give is for the Fotoclub Heerenveen, on Monday evening, March 6. If you are interested: please let me know via the contact form.

In spring 2023 I am going to the Czech Republic, near the border with Poland and Slovakia. I am planning to go there with a group in 2024. Let me know, via the contact form, if you are interested.

hanoi anno huidekoper street photography
street photography hanoi anno huidekoper
hanoi street photogrraphy